Sand clan

The waves represents the sand deserts, and the dots are sand.

You are padding through a sandy part of a forest and you come across a sandy she-cat."Hello, I, am Sandstar, would you like to join SandClan?" she says. You've never heard of SandClan so you agree. Then she takes you to Sandclan Camp.

Founder: Winxclubfan1

Admins: Diamonddragon88Lunifer

A few things to do to get to know the wiki:

1. Make a cat of your own! You can be Warrior, an Elder, a Medicine Cat, a Kit, or an Apprentice!

2. Explore the Camp Places where you can find out where you sleep, where you can eat, and get to know your new home!

3. Find and catch food in one of Sandclan's Hunting Places!

Latest activityEdit

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